Happy birthday to meeeee

Okay, so my birthday isn’t until tomorrow, but already I’ve gotten the BEST presents!

First off – my boyfriend is amazing! This past Saturday I was told to leave the apartment at 5PM and not return until I got a text or a call from him. He told me it wouldn’t be for a couple of hours so I left with a little money and went to a café where I ran into a few friends. Fast forward to 7PM and no text… So I called and asked when I could come home and was told ‘not yet’. I kinda figured it had something to do with my birthday present and then thought that whatever it wasn’t couldn’t take THAT long….? So time ticked by and I was getting hungry! Around 8.30PM I called my dad and asked what he was doing, explaining my situation. He was at our summerhouse (not as fancy as it sounds, trust me) painting, so he couldn’t help me.

Finally around 11PM, A called, saying that he was done and that he would come and get me. I was beyond happy – but mostly to get home and get some food in my stomach.

So we get home, I get something to eat and then A asks me if I want to watch a movie or go straight to bed. I choose option B and opens the door to the bedroom….

And this beauty was greeting me! The man bought me a closet!! We haven’t had one since we moved back in February and it was driving both of us crazy.

It is absolutely perfect! He really knows me 😀

I’ve starting putting our clothes away but it’s a pretty big project – A has a LOT of clothes… and shoes! A lot more that me 😉

Moving on to the second thing… I got an email today from the school I applied to… and it pretty much says that I got IN!!! I have to go to a prepatory interview on August 14th, where I’ll get more info on the whole deal and stuff, but it says I’m in!! I did a happy-dance right there in the car (so it was more of a happy-butt-in-seat-dance) and I’ve been smiling ever since 😉

So to further congratulate myself, I decided to buy myself a little present. The laptop I’m using right now sucks – the battery is dead, which means that I have to have the power connector plugged in all the time – that is just not good enough for what I’m about to embark on.


So I kinda bought this little thing….

Now, I KNOW a lot of people are against using iPads for school, but I did some research and this will do just fine. I’ll be buying a cover with a keyboard of course – anything else would just be silly – and I can’t wait to get it! I bought it online, so I think it’ll take 4-5 working day for it to get here. But once it does, I’ll definately do a review of it.

Phew, that was a loooong post! I’ll sign off now, gotta go to bed early to get up early tomorrow and bake some strawberry cupcakes as some friends are coming to celebrate me 😀

Take care!


Fingers crossed….

So… I’ve just sent my application for the next step regarding my education…

It wasn’t all that easy – first off – my computer couldn’t find the drivers for my printer/scanner.. So I had to search the web for some help and I’m proud to say that I managed to get the stuff installed! The I had to convert everything to pdf and finally I have to write a motivated application – not the easiest thing in the world. But I think I did a pretty good job in the end.

Now the waiting begins – I won’t know if I get in until July 30th – 26 days from now! I don’t know how on earth I’ll manage that… But it’s not like I have a choice, right? 😉

In other news: I suck at doing nothing! This whole summerbreak thing is just not me… I’m constantly bored – so bored that I’ve decided on a project: My apartment-makeover, yay!

Yesterday I moved the furniture around in the bedroom – we now have a lot more space, which will come in handy once I get a closet… Now, I know what you’re thinking: ‘how can you live without a closet?!?!’. Well, it’s not easy. All our shoes and clothes are stored in boxes (pretty one I might add) and it’s driving me crazy! But, as a student, money isn’t exactly something I have a lot of, so I’m saving up to buy one (hopefully soon).

Tomorrow it’s all about the kitchen – I need to get stuff organized because it’s driving me nuts! If I get it done, I’ll post some pictures to show off 😉

That’s all for now – I think it’s time to crawl into bed and listen to 50 Shades Darker on Storytel (I’ll give more info on what that is in an upcoming post)

Take care 🙂

School’s out!

Hello hello hello helloooo!

I’m sorry for the lack of posts, but I’ve been busy revising for exams…

My Danish exam went pretty well – I got a B which I’m pretty happy about. The subject I got wasn’t one that I’d revised that much on, so yay 😉

My last exam, which was psychology, was this past Tuesday. I’m been revising my butt of practically 24/7 because there was soooo much stuff!

The subject I got was culture/group psychology – again one of the subjects I really hadn’t paid that much attention to… But some of the stuff must have stuck because I got an A! I couldn’t believe it when my teacher told me, I was thrilled!

So now it’s summerbreak – Hopefully only until August 5th. I have to send in my application for the new school by Friday – only problem right now, is that I can’t find my diploma from business school and I have to send it along with my application… If I don’t find it, it’ll cost me about 120 dollars… So keep your fingers crossed 😉

I’m really bad at doing nothing – which is why I need a plan for my vacation. Something to do, you know?

So I’ve dusted off by old traininggear and it’s back to the gym! Also, I’ve decided to make some changes to my diet. I’ve always been naturally thin, but ever since starting on my pills for depression, I’ve gain a bit of weight. Now, to a lot of people this sounds completely insane, but for someone whose never had ‘extra fat’, it’s a pretty hard blow. So from now on, it’s more fruit, vegetables, fish and less red meat, chips, candy and other not so good stuff. 

I’m going to tell ya right now: It’s not gonna be easy – I suck at these kinds of things! I get childish, defiant, angry… And in the end I quit!… Sad but oh so true…

BUT! I’ve been down and unhappy about myself for way too long… I’ll be 29 in 9 days and I don’t want to start off a new year being miserable…

I really hope I can stick to it – so please bear with me if I write some ‘I hate the world’ posts…

Because I really don’t 😉

Take care!

So I had my English exam today…..




And I got an A!!!!

(cue happy music and fireworks)


Okay, I’ll provide the pretty sparkly things, but the music is all on you


Anyway – the exam went amazingly well! I answered all the questions, and even went a step further most of the time.

Both my teacher and the censor told me, that I was so calm and had an incredible vocabulary, that I practically knew more words that some people at university, which, in my opinion is a pretty big thumbs up.

Afterwards I met up with a friend to have a celebratory lunch (whicch by the way, sooo wasn’t worth the money) but it was nice to see her again. She had her last exam yesterday – got a B and is now a Technical Designer 🙂

I actually bought a teeny bottle of bubbles that I planned on drinking tonight, until my sister asked if I could babysit for a few hours…

So, it’s now close to 10.30PM and I’m sitting here, updating you fine people, with The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy playing in the background. 

I shall now open my tiny bottle of bubbles, pour a glass, give myself a ‘self-five’ and go to bed.

Tomorrow is aaaaaaall about revising for my Danish oral exam on Monday… So much work so god-damn little time!

Take care 🙂

My birthday wishlist

Yes, yes, I know what you’re going to say: “Maria, you should be studying! Shame on you!”

But, in my defence – I have been really productive – I’m pretty much done! Granted, I have been taking a lot of breaks, but my head has been killing me all day – so I needed to give my brain a few time-outs.

Anyway, I was browing the interweb and I saw this blouse/sweater/something-to-wear-on-top-so-you-don’t-walk-out-the-door-half-naked-and-scare-the-crap-out-of-people-thing.

I think it’s really cute and totally not something I’d ever really buy… But something about this really speaks to me….maybe it’s the price…hm…

Anyhoodles, my b-day is less than a month away (28 days but who’s counting?) and figured that this would be a great thing to add to my b-day withlist.

Sooo here it is….!



I want – I really really really w….would like to be the proud owner of this little furry fella 🙂

Take care!



Oh… and I’m a small btw… just in case someone thought I shouldn’t live without this… (hint hint nudge nudge) 😉


So it’s exam-time for me, or finals, depending on where in the world you are 🙂

I had my two written exams two weeks ago – English and Danish. I think it went pretty well. I won’t get my grades until the end of the month though.

My first oral exam was yesterday (Social Studies). It was a 24 hour exam, meaning on Sunday I got my subject and had a minimum of 24 hours to do a synopsis. Luckily I got a pretty good subject. The exam went well and I got a B so I was more than happy 🙂

Today I got my subject for English… I got Clash Of Cultures and the next is Good Advice Is Rarer Than Rubies by Salman Rushdie. The text itself is pretty easy… But I have to say that I’m having some difficulties relating it to cultureclashes… I have to relate it to some of the texts we’ve read during the year, which is easy enough… But analyzing it and relating it to culturesclashes is pissing me off right now… Hopefully I can find something on the internet that can push me in the right direction.

The exam itself is tomorrow at 10.30am… I’ll let you know how it went tomorrow…

Until then, keep your fingers crossed that I can figure this out..! 

Take 2

So… I’m a few day behind on the May challenge – the days just flew by! It’s now May 27th. So I’m going to admit defeat and say that I won’t be able to go through with it.

But that’s a part of life, right? Admitting when something isn’t going to work and just move on instead of trying and trying and pushing yourself. Because that is just going to make you feel miserable and (even more) like a failure.

So I’m moving on! On to bigger and better things 🙂 Well… not sure of better… This past Wednesday I finished school – well, the normal schedule anyway – I’m on my studybreak, yay!

I have my first two exams this week – written exams that is – Danish on Wednesday and English on Thursday. I feel pretty prepared for both. I just need to cram tomorrow on different periods in written litterature – not my fave thing in the world but it’s got to be done right?

After that, I have a little over a week until my next exam – 24 hour exam in Social Studies. I’m not sure of you’re familiar with this concept, so I’ll tell ya: on Sunday June 9th I’ll go to my school and draw my subject. Then I have a little over 24 hours at home to prepare a synopsis and the on the 10th I’ll go back to have the ‘actual’ exam.

I have the same type of exam the 11th – this time in English.

Then, on the 17th I have my oral exam in Danish and on the 25th my final exam psychology and then I’m done! With that school anyway. I’ve applied to go busniess academy to hopefully get my AP degree in marketing management. I won’t find out if I get in until July 30th which sucks but that’s life.

So, that’s a little about my future plans – I’m going to get some bloodtest results in an hours and after that I’ll study a bit before going to work at Randers FC (a soccerclub). I volunteer there as a receptionist on Mondays for a few hours. I also work whenever there’s a homegame in the VIP section and at their Kids Club arranging different events and marketingthings. This is what I want to do with my life and I’ve figured that out while working at Randers FC.

Okay, enough with the chit-chat, I’ve got to get some revising down before my appointment!

I’ll talk to you soon, I promise! 🙂