Wow, two posts in one day, I’m on fire!

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned Storytel. Well, here’s a little bit more about it.

Storytel is an app that let’s you listen to audiobooks. I’ve always loved to read, but lately I haven’t been reading and it has really been bothering me.

I recently became a Buzzador ambassador, where I get to try out different products and give my opinion on them. And Storytel is one of those things so I guess in a way this is a sponsored post(I’m new to this) but everything I write is my own opinion. Phew, just wanted to get that out of the way, now – on to what this is about.

Storytel let’s you listen to a bunch of audiobooks for a small amount of money every month. I’m not sure how much it is in other countries, but here in Denmark it’s 99 DKR, which is about 17 dollars every month. Pretty cheap considering how expensive books are.

I use the app pretty much every single day. I use it when I’m cooking, cleaning, getting ready in the morning, even at night to fall asleep to. It has a sleep-button I usually set for 30 minutes and then I’m sleeping like a baby.
Now, I know some people might think ‘Well, don’t you miss out on some of the story?’ My answer is: no. There’s also a bookmark option, which I use before I set the sleeptimer. That way, I can just go back to the last thing I remember and I’m all set 🙂

So to sum this all up; I more that recommend Storytel and I’ll definitely continue my subscription 😉



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