So it’s exam-time for me, or finals, depending on where in the world you are 🙂

I had my two written exams two weeks ago – English and Danish. I think it went pretty well. I won’t get my grades until the end of the month though.

My first oral exam was yesterday (Social Studies). It was a 24 hour exam, meaning on Sunday I got my subject and had a minimum of 24 hours to do a synopsis. Luckily I got a pretty good subject. The exam went well and I got a B so I was more than happy 🙂

Today I got my subject for English… I got Clash Of Cultures and the next is Good Advice Is Rarer Than Rubies by Salman Rushdie. The text itself is pretty easy… But I have to say that I’m having some difficulties relating it to cultureclashes… I have to relate it to some of the texts we’ve read during the year, which is easy enough… But analyzing it and relating it to culturesclashes is pissing me off right now… Hopefully I can find something on the internet that can push me in the right direction.

The exam itself is tomorrow at 10.30am… I’ll let you know how it went tomorrow…

Until then, keep your fingers crossed that I can figure this out..! 


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