4 posts in 1…Shame on me!

I’ve been bad,  I know! I haven’t blogged since Wednesday… I have a pretty valid excuse though – Thursday was a public holiday here in Denmark, which meant that my boyfriend came home a day early from the military – and then the days just flew!

Anyway, I decided to cram the days I missed from the challenge into one… I hope that’s okay? Well then, here we gooooooooooooooooooooooooo…..!

Thursday: A moment in my day

You probably don’t know this…because, well I haven’t told you about it, but I’m a BIG football (or soccer if you’re American) fan. I even work for my favorite team doing a bunch of different stuff which is a lot of fun 🙂 Anyway, on Thursday, my team played the Cup Finals! Now, eventhough I’m a fan, I’m also realistic… And I just knew that they were going to lose the match… and so they did. I was pretty bummed but just proud that they’d made it so far 😉

Friday: my most embarrassing moment(s)

Hmm… to be honest, none really pops into my head right now. I’m not sure if this means that I’ve never done anything embarrassing or if there’s so many that I just can’t pick one… but I did fall on the bowlinglane a few weeks ago. It hurt like hell and I couldn’t really breathe afterwards. I’d fallen right down on my back and found out at few days later that I’d actually pressed my ribs.. Auch! And it was pretty embarrassing…  :-/

Saturday: sell yourself in 10 words or less…

Damn… this is a tough one… But! Here we go:

I treat others the way I want to be treated

Sunday: what do I miss?

I miss being carefree. I miss just being happy and having fun. This will come eventually. I know. But I really miss that.


So there we are – 4 posts in one! I promise I’ll be better in the future 😉

XOXO – Maria


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