School’s in session!

Hello you lovely people 🙂

It’s time for day 2 of the blog every day in May challenge. Today I’ll educate you on something I know a lot about.

Today’s subject: Depression

I know, I know, not the funniest subject but it’s something I know a lot about. You see, my mom has suffered from depression for most of her life and I experienced it first-hand. The good, the bad and the very very ugly. When you know someone with the desease, you’ll find out what being low really means. She would cry, have nightmares and just be sad throughout the day. Unfortunately, some people start to drink to numb the pain. My mother was no different and it was a tough time. I never told anyone about what was going on at home because it was a taboo at the time. This meant that I was alone with all of thing pain, hate, dispair… So I decided to do some research about it. I learned how to deal with my mom and how I could help her. When I was 16, she finally decided to get help. She talked to her doctor and went to rehab.

I’m not sure how many of you know this, but depression isn’t just about being down and sad. Nor is it always due to something terrible that has happen to or around you. Nope, you can actually inherit it and have it ‘in’ you. What is means, is that you’re not capable of producing a ‘drug’ in your brain called serotonin. This is one of the things in your brain that ‘makes you happy’. Kind of like endorphins. And this is what I suffer from. Now, I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me – I’ve felt enough sorry for myself to last a million lifetimes 😉 It’s something you can live with and this is what I do. So, just like people take their vitamins or what not, I have to take a tiny pill called mirtazapin every night. This pumps up the serotonin-levels and makes me sleep. So it’s kind of like a wonder-pill.

So there you have it. A little bit about depression. I could write a book about it, because there’s a lot to it, but this is just a taste 😉

XOXO – Maria


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