How to be yourself

This may be a strange title, but as I’m sitting here in class, bored out of my mind, I realized something: how many of us really know how to be our true selves?

A girl to my left is having a serious debate about what kind of false nails she should get next. The same girl who spent most of another class, where we all were working on an important assignment, taking pictures of herself, zipping them though Photoshop and the upload to Facebook…. And to my right, two other girls are having serious conversation about diets. Well, conversation may be the wrong word. Competing about whose diet is the worst (when in reality the worst is the best).

This made me think (and rather this than actually paying attention or working on an assignment): is it soooo difficult to be yourself? Do you have to have a ‘thing’ constantly to label yourself? I’m talking diets, fake hair, fake nails, tanning, drama (come on, we all know someone who thrives on drama ;-D ). Why is it so neseccary to have something to make people go ‘Ohhh yeah I remember her’. Wouldn’t it be better to just be your awesome self and that way people will automatically remember you?

I think so…. šŸ™‚

Because you know what?



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